Automatic Gearbox Tuning

The perfect upgrade to match a Stage 1 or 2 remap. Tuning the gearbox on your automatic vehicle releases the full potential of your vehicle. A gearbox remap changes shift points for a more sporty drive and holds gears for longer in sport / dynamic mode. Many owners are very impressed when this is paired with a performance stage 1 / 2 remap.

Tuning an automatic gearbox, often referred to as an automatic transmission tune such as ZF or DSG tune or performance tune, can offer several benefits to vehicle owners looking to optimize their vehicle's performance, drivability, and overall driving experience. Here are some potential benefits of tuning an automatic gearbox:

Improved Shift Timing and Speed: Automatic transmission tuning can optimize the shift points and reduce shift lag, resulting in quicker and smoother gear changes. This can enhance acceleration and overall responsiveness.

Enhanced Throttle Response: Tuning can improve throttle response, making the vehicle more responsive to driver inputs. This can lead to a more engaging and sportier driving experience.

Increased Power Delivery: Automatic transmission tuning can work in conjunction with engine tuning to maximize power delivery. This can unlock additional horsepower and torque, improving overall performance.

Customisation: Tuning allows for customization based on driver preferences. We change the calibrations for settings that changes modes for driving styles, such as eco-friendly, sporty, or aggressive modes.

Optimized Towing and Load Handling: For vehicles used for towing or carrying heavy loads, tuning can improve the transmission's ability to manage increased torque demands, resulting in better towing and load-handling capabilities.

Reduced Gear Hunting: Automatic transmission tuning can minimize gear hunting, where the transmission frequently shifts up and down unnecessarily. This leads to a smoother and more efficient driving experience.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: While the primary goal of most automatic transmission tunes is to enhance performance, some gearbox tunes can optimise fuel efficiency when driving conservatively.

Common questions we get asked straight away

Will a Gearbox tune cause gearbox damage?  All our Gearbox remap files are provided by Avon Tuning LTD these are completely safe for your gearbox, however please be aware if your vehicles gearbox has worn components such as a worn clutch pack, a gearbox tune will speed up the failing clutch pack.

Do you provide a gearbox warranty? We offer NO warranty on gearbox components with our gearbox remaps, we simply cover the software only.

Do you health check my vehicle before a remap takes place?  Yes, we carry out a full diagnostic scan before hand, however we can't see wear and tear on internal gearbox components such as clutch packs.

Would you recommend a gearbox tune on a high milage vehicle? We have remapped many high milage vehicles without issue, but please be aware components are more likely to be worn such as the clutch pack for example as such this could slip with the additional torque.

Do I need to keep up with servicing work? In order to keep the vehicles gearbox in good health you MUST have your transmission fluid changed this could be between 40k -80k miles.

Do I need to tell my insurance? Yes, any modification to your vehicle must be disclosed to your insurance.

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