EGR Solutions

EGR Removal in East Lindsey, we calibrate your ECU software to ignore the fact the EGR valve has been removed. This means the EGR valve will no longer open / function on your vehicle and fault lights for the EGR will be removed from the ECU fault table.. We can install the software in East Lindsey via our fully mobile service, however the EGR needs to be fully closed in order to accept our EGR solution, If the EGR has failed in an open state a blanking plate will need to be installed, if you don't have a local garage willing to carry this job out, we can happily recommend someone for you.

Some vehicle owners may consider removing the EGR Valve from their diesel-powered vehicles, The main reason behind this is carbon which can block the vehicles inlet system and block EGR coolers and as such the vehicles health will suffer, this will also cause poor MPG due to the engine not breathing correctly. 

Potential Benefits Of Removing Your EGR Valve:

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Some owners have noticed a slight improved fuel efficiency after the EGR has been removed.
  • Increased Power: responsiveness, as it reduces carbon deposits & restrictions in the inlet manifold. The engine will run in a much cleaner manor.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Since EGR valves can become clogged over time and require replacement, removing it might save on these costs.


Please be aware our EGR solutions are designed for OFF Road / Racing use only. ( Because you are removing an emission component from your vehicle it wouldn't be suitable for UK road use. )

 We offer EGR Removal in all local Lincolnshire areas such as East Lindsey & North East Lincolnshire. Mablethorpe, Alford, Splisby, Skegness, Louth, Horncastle, Grimsby, Wragby, Market Rasen, Cleethorpes.

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