Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Unlike others we don't hide our terms and conditions, we take an upfront approach so you know what the expect from our services. If however the information you require isn't here, then please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


All our remap files are provided by premium & experienced file writers,They are completely SAFE. Remaps simply unlock hidden power within your vehicle due to strict emissions regulations, vehicles can’t be tuned from the factory ( even super cars can benefit from a stage 1 remap ). A stage 1 remap normally allows a power increase of 30-60 BHP as such this won’t be any problem for a healthy engine.

The answer is YES, we would always recommend changing the engine oil every 6-10k miles due to manufactures recommended services are based on running costs not the vehicles engine life, many oils degrade before the recommended 20k servicing suggested by most manufactures. Giving your vehicle more servicing will make the engine last a lot longer. We also recommend changing the air and fuel filters every year to keep your engine performing at it's best.

No, a Eco Remap or stage 1 or 2 / 3 remap will not cause any reliability issues ‘’ providing ‘’ the vehicle is looked after’’. This means letting the vehicle warm up before driving it hard, and regular servicing.

Due to the remap being software based only we do NOT have any liability for engines, pistons, turbos, injectors , fuel pumps, clutches, flywheels, gearboxes, timing chains etc. and many more engine components. Providing your vehicle is within good health a remap will cause NO issues at all. Remember every component on your vehicle has a certain life span and as such we can't be held responsible ( for example the turbo on your vehicle could be on the way out and a remap speeds up this process ). Don't let this put you off tuning your vehicle! We carry out a large amount of remaps and haven't had any issues to date. We carry out basic health checks before a remap takes place for complete piece of mind.

Some car manufactures will void warranties on drivetrain components if a vehicle is remapped this means the turbos, clutches, flywheels, fuel pump, injectors and gearbox won’t be covered by the vehicle manufacture. It is illegal in the UK for a manufacture to void a warranty on the complete vehicle. For example, if your vehicle was in warranty and the heater stopped working they wouldn’t be able to void this due to the vehicle being remapped. Do NOT buy a tuning box because it is sold as warranty safe, this is complete rubbish due to manufactures knowing the exact signals / limits and what they should be on a standard engine.

Tuning boxes are over quoted in terms of power gains and don’t normally give the gains they claim as such many tuning box owners feel disappointed. They are normally suggested for owners of brand new vehicles due to companies stating they are warranty safe! this is complete rubbish. Main dealers can tell if a tuning box has been installed due to the live data logs they create within the vehicles ECU, They can check all these data logs via their in depth diagnostic equipment.Car tuning boxes may seem like a quick and easy solution to boost your vehicle's performance, they often come with significant downsides that can outweigh any potential benefits. Here’s why car tuning boxes are generally a bad idea Lack of Precision Tuning boxes typically offer a one-size-fits-all approach, making broad adjustments to the vehicle’s engine parameters without considering the unique characteristics and needs of your specific car. This lack of precision can lead to suboptimal performance and, in some cases, even harm the engine. Potential for Damage The use of tuning boxes can put undue stress on various engine components by increasing fuel pressure and altering timing. This can result in accelerated wear and tear, potentially leading to costly repairs and a reduced lifespan for your vehicle. Manufacturers often void warranties if a tuning box is detected, leaving you unprotected against these potential issues. Safety Concerns Improperly tuned vehicles can present significant safety risks. Tuning boxes may affect the engine's response in unexpected ways, potentially leading to unstable performance during critical driving situations. This can compromise the vehicle's handling and overall safety on the road. Incompatibility Issues Not all tuning boxes are compatible with every vehicle model, and using an incompatible box can result in serious engine malfunctions. Additionally, software updates from the vehicle’s manufacturer may render the tuning box obsolete or incompatible, causing further complications and the need for additional adjustments.

If your main aim is to save fuel and gain better MPG we would advise going for an ECO Remap over a normal stage 1 tune. Please be aware due to everyone having a unique driving style we can NOT garantee fuel savings. this is due to the eco map being designed with improved MPG in mind.

We offer a lifetime warranty on the software, this means we cover the software side of the remap, if for any reason the software become corrupt we would cover this free of charge for the lifetime of your vehicle ownership. If the vehicle has been back to the main dealer and had an ECU software update we will need to visit you re-read the ECU and re-flash a new file, please be aware there is a call out / labour charge of £120 for this service. We will NOT provide any warranty on a damaged ECU due to fire or water damage ( things not within our control ). We garantee you will be happy with your remap, if you not we will do everything possible to change your experience.

We always keep a copy of the original file, meaning if you wanted your car put back to standard for warranty work, we can program the factory file back into the vehicles ECU. Our tuning file providers also keep a back up of this file ( so there are 2 back ups in total ). There is a call out charge of £120 for returning your car to stock. If your car or van has been tuned by another provider we can source and flash stock software onto the ECU, however this is much more involved if we don't have the original file as such the price is reflected by this.

Due to a remap being software based only, we install this software via a special tool which plugs into the vehicles diagnostic port, in some cases the vehicle may have had a security update and this means the ECU will need to be removed to allow us to flash the file, then re-installed after the map file has been flashed ( this normally add's an additional 1 hours labour to the job worst case. Either way your vehicle will remain unchanged to the human eye. Some VAG vehicles have a security cage which needs to be cut in order to remove the ECU, the ECU will be refitted but the security cage can't be sadly.

All our EGR, DPF and Adblue removal services are designed for off road & Racing use only. We carry out these modifications in the most discrete way possible meaning signs of tampering won’t be visible. We also won’t disclose to anyone you have had emission devices removed from your vehicle giving you total piece of mind when using us..

This is a difficult question to answer and it depends on vehicle health, the idea of a DPF is to catch soot before it leaves the exhaust system, most Diesel engines run so clean they don't emit any black smoke at all meaning it would go through an MOT test with no issue. Others such as high milage vehicles with worn injectors or boost leaks will show black smoke during the MOT soot / rev test and as a result fail the MOT. We don't give any recommendations on DPF removal this is purely based on the owners choice. We also remind them DPF removal is designed for OFF Road / Racing Use Only

We are covered for up to £2 Million while working on site at your home or workplace / at a chosen location, in the event of our services failing. (Example) This could be a vehicles ECU becoming unresponsive after writing a file. As such this would be covered under our insurance and we would get this resolved as quickly as possible within 14 days providing parts are available / not on back order. Please be aware we don't cover loss of wages / vehicle recovery costs / offer hire cars / hire costs while your vehicle is unavaliable.

We offer a minimum warranty period of 1 year on our Car Alarms, Immobilisers, Trackers, Dash Cams and Parking Sensors. However for many of these products the manufacture also offers an additional 2-3 years warranty on top of our workmanship warranty. As such if you have an issue outside 12 months a £120 call out / labour charge will apply. All ECO and Performance Remaps, Adblue removal and DPF / EGR softwares are not refundable, due to this being a software based service we can only correct our work in the event of error.

All our EGR, DPF and Adblue removal services are designed for off road & Racing use only. We never recommend / suggest removing these it is the owners choice, a large amount of our adblue removals are recommendations from main dealers due to them not being able to fix issues. There have also been a shortage of NOx sensors in the UK meaning your car could be off the road for months until a part is avaliable. As such many owners choose the route of emission removal, however we always advise them on the UK road laws on this matter.

Some vehicle manufacturers / main dealers will update your vehicles software during normal vehicle servicing or if they issue an emisions recall. Do NOT have any software updated by the dealer as this will overwrite our ECU calibration. If we need to re-read the new software version then edit / reload new software to the vehicles ECU there will be a £120 charge for this.


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