Vauxhall Insignia DPF Solution Mablethorpe

4 July 2024  |  Admin

Vauxhall Insignia DPF Solution Mablethorpe

Vauxhall Insignia DPF Solution Mablethorpe, the DPF on this vehicle was so blocked it barely managed to start and keep running. We applied our DPF solution which means the filter can be fully removed and allow the engine to run correctly.

Removing a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) from a car can lead to several positive outcomes. It can improve engine performance by reducing backpressure, resulting in more power and torque. Fuel efficiency may also increase as the engine operates more effectively without the filter. Maintenance costs are reduced since DPF cleaning and replacement are no longer necessary, and the engine may experience less wear and tear, potentially extending its lifespan. Additionally, vehicle reliability can improve due to the elimination of issues related to DPF clogging and regeneration cycles. For car enthusiasts, removing the DPF provides greater flexibility in tuning and customisation, allowing for a more tailored driving experience. Furthermore, the reduction in vehicle weight from removing the DPF may contribute to enhanced overall efficiency and performance.

This also means short drives will no longer cause running issues!

* DPF solutions are designed strictly for off road / racing use only.
* DPF must be physically removed, gutted and re-installed.

Will your vehicle still pass an MOT? 
Most vehicles will still pass an MOT with the DPF filter removed if the engine is within good health. Emits no black smoke when revs are increased.

If the engine isn’t the healthiest it will emit black soot during the MOT smoke test and fail. 

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