Dash Cams

Looking for a Dash Cam for complete protection when driving or simply want CCTV while your vehicle is parked? We offer an excellent range of dash cams from Thinkware which offer driving recording and parking mode recording. These cameras offer excellent footage and record to an SD card which is upgradable if needed. We offer professional installation in East Lindsey meaning all wiring is hidden to a professional standard. Completely hardwired into your vehicle meaning the ciggy lighter can be used as normal.

 On todays roads having a dash cam is a must and having it professionally installed is just an important as the dash cam itself. There are many benefits to having a dash cam installed and we have listed these below.

Accident Documentation: Dash cams can provide crucial evidence in case of accidents. They record both video and audio, helping to establish the sequence of events and determine fault accurately. This documentation can be valuable in insurance claims and legal disputes.

Reduced Insurance Costs: Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who have dash cams installed in their vehicles. Insurance providers may view dash cams as a way to encourage safe driving and reduce fraudulent claims.

Protection Against Insurance Fraud: Dash cams can help protect you from fraudulent claims, such as staged accidents or false injury claims. The recorded footage can serve as evidence to refute false allegations.

Evidence in Hit-and-Run Cases: If your vehicle is involved in a hit-and-run incident, a dash cam can capture the license plate number and other identifying details of the responsible vehicle, increasing the chances of identifying the culprit.

Theft Deterrence: A visible dash cam can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. Knowing that their actions are being recorded can discourage individuals from attempting to break into or steal your vehicle.

Parking Surveillance: Our dash cams have a parking mode feature that monitors your vehicle even when it's parked and the engine is off. They can record incidents like vandalism, break-ins, or accidents that occur while the vehicle is unattended. ( This can be turned off if your worried about battery drain for example ) .

Proof of Defensive Driving: Dash cams can be used to prove your innocence in cases where you were not at fault but faced aggressive or dangerous driving behavior from other road users.

Personal Security: In addition to capturing road incidents, dash cams can record any unusual or threatening behavior directed towards you while inside your vehicle, which can be useful for personal security.

GPS and Location Tracking: Some of our dash cams come with built-in GPS that records your vehicle's location and speed. This information can be helpful for route tracking and ensuring compliance with speed limits.

Reduced Stress: Knowing that your driving is being recorded can alleviate stress in challenging driving situations. In case of disputes or incidents, you have a record to rely on.

Thinkware Front & Rear


The Thinkware brings you 1080p Full HD Crystal Clear footage and is packed full of advanced features.

Keeping you and your car protected with its Advanced Parking Mode featuring Super Night Vision, along with Time Lapse technology. Wi-Fi Enabled App connectivity for easier control ( You must be within the vehicle with the ignition ON for WIFI mode ). Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) when using the optional GPS antenna along with the Cyclops Speed Camera Database with Free for Life Updates.


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